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Dynamic Energy Electrical Services

Dynamic Energy Electrical offer a service not only outstanding but beyond expectations. We are a professional electrical company servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs throughout NSW. Dynamic Energy offers a range of Electrical, Data, Fibre Optic and Telephone Network or Service to any home or business.

We deliver high level of expertise in the electrical industry and have obtained the experience to make sure your electrician job or project gets delivered on time with perfection and make our customer service our number one priority.

Our High Quality Electrical Installation

At Dynamic Energy Electrical Services we offer a highly professional and outstanding service to the customer. We have built a reputation as expert electricians with all aspects of Safety requirements met by Australian Standards to make sure your project only adheres to this.

Home Safety:

Dynamic Energy Electrical offer a high quality Home Inspection Checklist by Fully Qualified Electricians. We can advise you by inspecting your home or business from electrical faults to possible fire hazards.

What Dynamic Energy Electrical Services Offer:

* Inspection and Testing of Main Distribution Power Boards
* Inspection of all Cabling and Power Points
* Inspection of Lighting and Switches
* Inspection, Testing and Re-Install of Smoke Detectors
* Visual Inspection of Sub Board within Premise and any other Electrical Safety Inspection needed done.

Emergency: 24/7 Emergency Electrician

* NO POWER? NO LIGHTING? Dynamic Energy can resolve any issue relating to a breakdown or just losing power or lights.

You're just one call away for a fully qualified experienced electrician to be at your door at a quick turnaround time 24 hrs a day 7 Days a week all year round.

Dynamic Energy ensure all work guaranteed at a professional and clean manner as if it was our own home or business.

Services: Strata/Real Estate, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

Dynamic Energy have a dedicated team that offer there highly skilled qualifications for a rapid quick response to maintain electrical or data network in whatever the type of job.

Our team is dedicated to keep the customer happy for an outstanding service which you deserve.

We offer a range of services including installation of new power points to replacement of old ones. We also offer new Downlight Installations to dimmer feature lightings such as pendants and strip lighting to outdoor lighting as well as low voltage landscape lighting.

Other services in which we offer are Smoke Alarms, Telephone, Internet Network Systems to Digital Camera Systems.

We offer a special range of services for office commercial work from fibre optics to new switchboard upgrades and splitting of tenancies, as well as, TV aerials to as many TV points you need to install of actual TV unit.

If you need Hot Water Service we have our Electricians to Help.

Any Problems in the house? Tripping of circuit Breakers? No lights working? No power? We have our highly experienced electricians to fault find to get you going again.

Dynamic Energy Specialise in all types of work from Design to Installation, Repairs, Fault Finding and also Maintenance of property.

Dynamic Energy Electrical Services deal with reputable and reliable supplies and brands to ensure quality and efficiency.



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